Family Heritage #OnlineBakery

As the smell of cakes baking in the oven permeates my sense of smell, I peek into the kitchen and see the cookies freshly made by my daughter and my wife preparing an exquisite chocolate cake. The scene takes me back to when I was 10 years old. I prepared cakes, learning from pastry chefs, (we didn't have an iPhone to look up the recipe) at my parents' bakery. I really enjoyed it when my father took me to the bakery, as this was entertaining for me to prepare cakes, cookies or breads. The experience did not end when I finished the cake. With the help of a master pastry chef, I delivered my cake to the store with the aim of selling it as my passion for sales was already displaying itself in those days. I would wait in the store for someone to buy my cake. Customers visited the business and looked at the wonderful cakes on display and in the middle of all of them was my cake. My mother explained to the customers that this was my son's cake and the customers found it charming and ended up buying my cake.

Life is mainly based on memories and experiences. Cooking with the family and children are moments to keep and the smells, flavors, textures, colors and emotions will forever accompany you in your memories. You can also buy a delicious custom birthday cake from our online bakery store and enjoy the moment with family, friends, colleagues, etc. Don't think twice and order any of our fresh and tasty baked goods from our store for delivery and enjoy.

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