We are proud to guarantee the quality of our ingredients and the freshness of our food.  Our products are traditionally made and presented with care, with the sole aim of providing a pleasant experience to our customers.  Excellent products depend on excellent ingredients and time honored production methods.  To us, cake is a symbol of fun, family,  happiness, friends, and celebrations.


Big Buns Bakery

The best of three continents is mixed into the recipes at Big Buns Bakery, with two generations of family having contributed to this wonderful work of creating delights.  Our families joined together and made the decision to found Big Buns Bakery to create quality food, with the best recipes from our parents and grandparents. We provide non-industrial products made by artisans and we are extraordinarily passionate about what we do.


Please don´t hesitate to contact us as we want to be with you in those important moments that make a forever lasting mark on your life.




Chocolate Cake